There are several advantages for students, instructors of record, and departments to certifying an online course.

For Students

Students will be taking a course that follows best practices for online instruction. For example, the course will abide by accessibility standards and will be well structured.

For Instructors of Record

Instructors of record will be able to spend less time supporting students because the course will be easier to teach and more predictable. For example, the presence of an instructional activities table in each of the course modules allows students to see what is expected of them in any given week in a succinct and organized way.

For Departments

Departments offering LAS Online–certified courses in Summer and Winter terms participate in the per-IU preferential revenue-sharing model. For departments to participate in the per-IU preferential revenue-sharing model, they need to let ATLAS TLT know what course(s) they will be offering in Summer and Winter terms. (Solicitations for those courses are sent to department officials.) Once departments have determined the instructor(s) of record for the course(s), ATLAS TLT will request the URL to the course site(s) so staff members can review the course(s) and collaborate with the instructor(s) if changes need to be made to ensure the course(s) meet the College’s certification requirements.