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ATLAS and our partners at CITL provide support to instructors who develop and teach LAS Online-certified courses. Such support typically includes assistance with course development, maintenance and updating of course material, and course delivery. Please continue reading for more information.

Assistance with course development

During course development, we can provide assistance as follows:

Review of courses to ensure compliance with legal and course requirements

To attain certified status, courses should comply with legal requirements (that is, accessibilitycopyright, and FERPA), College of LAS policies (that is, student identity verification and scheduling frequency), and standards on online pedagogy, media, copyright, accessibility, and content quality.

Stipends for new fully online course development and for the re-development of existing courses

The monetary support that LAS provides for the development of online courses is for the effort that goes above and beyond what would normally be involved with creating instructional content for a course. Examples include

  • making accessible instructional videos (e.g., by adding transcripts to them) with high-quality audio;
  • producing videos in one of CITL's recording studios;
  • making engaging content (e.g., in-video questions, multimodal assessments, optional synchronous sessions);
  • creating automatically graded assessments (e.g., quizzes in an LMS such as Canvas or Moodle); and
  • making all necessary changes to the syllabus and instructional digital content to be compliant with LAS Online standards on accessibility, copyright, college policies, and quality.

When you fill out our Request for Online Course Development form, you will be asked to provide an estimate of the number of hours the project will entail. The hourly rate is $50, and we typically cap the amount at $2.5K per credit hour (e.g., the maximum pay for a 3-credit-hour course would be $7.5K). The agreed-upon amount is payable to the course developer after we certify the course. In consultation with LAS Leadership, ATLAS changed the per-credit-hour cap from $2K to $2.5K on February 22, 2023.

Assistance with maintenance and updating of course site

ATLAS and CITL can help instructors prepare certified courses for instructional delivery. Please note that this service, known as term prep, is a courtesy; the responsibility for preparing and delivering courses ultimately lies with instructors.

Support during course delivery

Support from ATLAS during course delivery includes

  • training in educational technologies such as Canvas, Moodle, and Zoom in workshops or one-on-one consultations;
  • guidance on how to use technology to proctor online exams and verify student identity;
  • help administering the Illinois Online Course Survey (also known as the End-of-Semester Survey), which provides instructors with important feedback from students; and
  • finding and implementing solutions to improve teaching and learning.