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Course Approval Policy

Reviewed and approved by LAS Courses and Curricula on April 13, 2017:

New courses should be fully approved by the LAS Courses and Curricula Committee before they are submitted for online development. For more information on the course approval process, visit

Online Course Access Policy

Reviewed and approved by the LAS Courses & Curricula Committee on April 19, 2024:

In order to promote equity and access for all students, and to receive the preferential tuition revenue-sharing model, LAS Online certified courses offered in the Winter or Summer sessions must also be available to students during academic semesters. To ensure this, courses offered in Winter or Summer sessions must also be offered in the prior or subsequent semester to the winter or summer offering in any modality (face-to-face or online). Individual exceptions will be made for highly specialized elective courses such as field courses, study abroad programs, as well as courses that are part of online degree programs or for transfer students.

Identity Verification Policy

This policy was reviewed and approved by the LAS Courses and Curricula Committee on April 8, 2016 for LAS Online courses:

At a minimum, 20% of the course grade must consist of work accomplished by the student when their identity is verified and there is a high reliability they are using only the aids intended (e.g., proctored exams, ID-checked discussions, etc.).

Examples of Applying the Identity Verification Policy

LAS Online Student Feedback Guideline

The Illinois Online Course Survey is administered in all LAS Online courses. This survey focuses on feedback regarding the course design and online technology. This instrument is distinct from the Instructor & Course Evaluation System (ICES), which is also administered for LAS Online courses. Results of the survey are shared with the instructor of the course, LAS Online, and the instructional designer as applicable.

Using Third-party Proctoring Services

Please remember that if you are teaching an undergraduate course, the cost associated with using ProctorU’s Live+ product must be covered by the unit offering the course so students do not incur an out-of-pocket charge. We strongly recommend that instructors use ProctorU’s Record+ product, which students can use without any out-of-pocket costs.