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Please keep in mind that LAS Online-certified courses must meet the College of LAS policy on student identity verification. We offer the examples below to help instructors decide which best meets their pedagogical and students' needs. The identity verification requirement for 20% of the course grade can be met with one or a combination of assessments. Even though the most common choices are proctored exams, recorded video assignments, and live video conferences, instructors are welcome to come up with their own alternative modes of verification. If you are interested in using a different option, please make sure that you run it by ATLAS (

Offering an Exam in a Proctored Setting

You can consider offering students one or more options for taking a proctored exam in your online course.

In-person Proctoring

Instructors can arrange to host the exam on-campus in a classroom. Keep in mind, that you would need to have an online option as well to accommodate students who are not on campus, particularly in the winter and summer sessions.

DIY Zoom Proctoring

Instructors can proctor exams on their own via Zoom. For a brief overview of how it works, please see the relevant slides in this presentation. For a comprehensive guide on using Zoom to proctor your exams including best practices, please review this recorded video by the Computer-Based Testing Facility (CBTF). Please see the section below on using i-card photos to verify student identity.

ProctorU Record+

Record+ is an automated proctoring service that allows students to take exams online through Canvas or Moodle without the presence of an instructor or proctor. The service authenticates student identity, monitors and records computer screens, microphone input and the video from webcams. Learn more about ProctorU Record+. We strongly recommend that instructors use the Record+ product, which students can use without any out-of-pocket costs. If you choose to use this service, our partners at CITL can help you with set up and support. You can contact them at

ProctorU Live+

Live+ is a service that students usually pay for out of pocket (please visit CITL's page for the fee schedule). Some University websites still reference this product as 'ProctorU" but they are in the process of updating their websites and documentation to reflect the new brand and naming conventions. With this product, an employee of Meazure Learning does the identity verification, monitors students via video during the exam, and reports any red flags to the instructor. Please remember that if you are teaching an undergraduate course, the cost associated with using Live+ product must be covered by the unit offering the course so students do not incur an out-of-pocket charge. If you choose to use this service, our partners at CITL can help you with set up and support. You can contact them at


Offering a Recorded Video Assignment

If you are going to use ID-verified videos to meet the identity verification policy, we strongly recommend that you use this precise language in your syllabus and assignment instructions.

In order to meet the College of LAS’s identity verification policy for LAS Online–certified classes, your face speaking directly into the camera must appear for at least 30 seconds over the course of the video.


Using i-Card Photos to Verify Student Identity

Designed with feedback from faculty, these tools are intended for use by instructors to help them to get to know the students and to also assist them in verifying the identity of students. To verify student identity, instructors can compare the i-card photo of the student to the student's face in a live Zoom session with video or a recorded video assignment.

The i-card Photos block in Moodle and the ATLAS Photo Roster (a stand-alone tool that is available to all instructors of record on campus and not linked to any LMS) displays the i-card photo, name, and University Identification Number (UIN) of each student enrolled in the course website via Banner. This information is displayed only to instructors.

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